Saturday Flea Market
11 Jun 2016 (Sat) 12-3pm
Haw Par Villa
Outdoor sheltered

4ft round table + 2 chairs
Powerpoint (bring own extension plug and tape)

Clothes rack rental: $15
Additional chair: $5

Stall details:
•	Stalls are allocated. 
•	Setup: 10.30am | Event: 11am-7pm | Leave by: 7.15pm
•	Only clothes racks, chairs or tables rented from the organizer is permitted. 
•	No signages or fixtures to be fastened to the floors and walls of the venue.
•	Vendors are liable for any damage caused to the venue.

11 Jun 2016 Flea Market at Haw Par Villa

    • No Beverages
    • Food sold have to be from NEA certified premises and food handlers to have food hygiene certificate
    • Preloved/ Used Ladies & men fashion; baby & kids products; household items are permitted.
    • No illegal or prohibited products.
    • No financial or MLM products & services.