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Saturday Flea Market
11 Jun 2016 (Sat) 12-3pm
Haw Par Villa
Outdoor sheltered

4ft round table + 2 chairs
Powerpoint (bring own extension plug and tape)

Clothes rack rental: $15
Additional chair: $5

Stall details:
•Stalls are allocated. 
•Setup: 10.30am | Event: 11am-7pm | Leave by: 7.15pm
•Only clothes racks, chairs or tables rented from the organizer is permitted. 
•No signages or fixtures to be fastened to the floors and walls of the venue.
•Vendors are liable for any damage caused to the venue.

11 Jun 2016 Flea Market at Haw Par Villa

    • No Beverages
    • Food sold have to be from NEA certified premises and food handlers to have food hygiene certificate
    • Preloved/ Used Ladies & men fashion; baby & kids products; household items are permitted.
    • No illegal or prohibited products.
    • No financial or MLM products & services.
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